The first UK carbon neutral Japanese restaurant

For us, life isn’t just about making amazing Japanese food. It’s about making a difference.  That means taking our ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously. We are a 100% carbon neutral restaurant, offsetting all of the CO2 emissions involved in the production of your food, however, we pledge to constantly look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

You want to know that every delicious mouthful of sushi, sashimi, noodles or rice is as fresh, ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. 

At Tenkaichi, we understand that there’s an environmental cost to almost every aspect of modern life –  but actively doing something about it is what sets us apart from our competitors. We consider the environmental consequences of absolutely everything we do, from the way we source and transport our produce, to how we deal with food waste and packaging.

How we offset our CO2 emissions

As well as minimising carbon emissions in respect of our day to day operations, we also make financial contributions to carbon offset projects. We proudly support ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ and ‘Gold Standard’ carbon offset projects in Europe, Asia and South America, including:

  • a co-operative led 12.75 MW wind power project in the Caribbean
  • preserving and protecting an area of Peruvian rainforest the size of Wales
  • protecting an Asian Orangutan rainforest the size of 1,500 typical Welsh farms against deforestation

Between them, the projects we support have savings of over 4.5 million tons of CO2 each year. So, by making Tenkaichi your Japanese restaurant of choice, you’re also helping to reduce carbon emissions and support communities and environmental projects across the world. 

Your local CO2 neutral Japanese restaurant, Cardiff

Becoming a carbon neutral Japanese restaurant has been incredibly important to us and the many customers in Cardiff who share our environmental values. With our commitment to sustainability and carbon neutral status, we’re really proud to be doing our bit for our community, our planet and future generations.

Tenkaichi’s carbon neutral restaurant pledge

Looking after our planet and its inhabitants

“Our Planet is precious. As far as we know, it is the only one in the vastness of space full of life, and we are its custodians. It is a massive responsibility and all too easy to look the other way and pretend it is nothing to do with us. But it is our duty to act responsibly and to care for everyone and everything that shares this globe with us. We owe it to our children, their children and all the generations that are to come, we owe it to all those that went before us, we owe it to ourselves. 

At Tenkaichi we take our responsibility seriously, contributing money and more importantly time, to worthy projects. Whether working with the homeless or protecting the environment, Tenkaichi is doing its bit and you in turn are doing yours by supporting us with your loyal custom. Thank you from us and thank you from the planet.” 

Lloyd Watkins, Tenkaichi Director

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