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The sustainability of our produce and processes is very important to us here at Tenkaichi, Cardiff. We don’t just consider every aspect of what we do in our City Road restaurant. We look at our entire supply chain to try and reduce our environmental impact. That way we can pride ourselves on being a truly sustainable restaurant.

Fresh, sustainable fish

At Tenkaichi, we only use the very best fresh fish for our sushi and sashimi. Believe us, you can taste the difference! Quality and freshness is paramount in the produce we use but speeding it to your table doesn’t have to mean excessive air miles. We do all we can to cut down on unnecessary steps in our supply chain, buy locally and reduce CO2 emissions. That’s why our responsibly sourced salmon comes directly from a Scottish fish farm to our door on City Road, Cardiff – fresher than it is delivered to a fishmonger.

Minimising air miles

It’s a big challenge for any sustainable restaurant. We buy direct wherever we can, removing unnecessary steps to minimise transit times and distances. As well as sourcing the freshest fish from the UK, we buy the bulk of our food produce as locally as possible – both to reduce our carbon emissions and to support local suppliers. 

Responsibly sourced sushi and sashimi

We only use the very best fresh fish. Our salmon comes from producers with the highest standards of quality control and animal welfare. Sourced from RSPCA certified suppliers, the fish are hand reared, carefully monitored and kept in low stock conditions. They’re fed with a sustainably sourced salmon feed made with natural fish trimmings and are not exposed to growth hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. 

This higher standard of care may make the fish more expensive for us to buy, but it’s worth it to maintain the sustainability of our sources and the exceptional quality of our sushi and sashimi.

Reducing food waste

With 9.5 million tons of food being disposed of annually in the UK, we’re very conscious of doing our bit to reduce food waste. At Tenkaichi Cardiff, we use everything. While the freshest vegetables and choicest cuts of meat are the centrepieces of the authentic Japanese dishes we serve, we use the rest of what’s left to create our delicious stocks from scratch. 

Serving authentic Japanese food 

As an authentic Japanese restaurant, there are instances when we are only able to source specialist ingredients from Japan. While this presents a challenge in terms of sustainability and the environment, we do our best to reduce the impact by importing by boat – the lowest carbon footprint transportation available. If you have any further questions about sustainability, please get in touch.

Becoming a carbon neutral Japanese restaurant has been incredibly important to us and the many customers in Cardiff who share our environmental values. With our commitment to sustainability and carbon neutral status, we’re really proud to be doing our bit for our community, our planet and future generations.

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