Your weekend with a Japanese twist with Tenkaichi

Your weekend with a Japanese twist through Tenkaichi.

The weekend is coming, and you may have nothing to do. Not to worry though, as this time you can add a Japanese twist to your weekend. Be around the expertly and elegantly made cocktails, all while you are dining in at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle bar in Cardiff, famous for its Japanese and other Far Eastern cuisine. This is where you can also hang out with your friends and family alike, with a wholesome experience guaranteed. You have to try our Tenkaichi Cocktail Menu!

Roku Gin as supplied at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar in Cardiff

Different types of menus are offered at our place but on the weekend our drinks menu may make your weekend a whole lot better. Now what is better than enjoying a weekend after a stressful week? Our restaurant provides an environment that is suitable for all types of occasions. Even if you want to just chill for a few hours, then you're always more than welcome!

Most of our drinks are inspired by our authentic Japanese cuisine, so why not have a weekend of Japan-based drinks instead of a usual pint of a beer that you have at your old pub. Why not try something new and have a totally new experience through Tenkaichi Cocktail Menu


Explore our cocktails: 

Cocktails are for those who want to drink in style and this time in the Japanese way. One of our specials included would be MR TENKAICHI'S PLUM COCKTAIL. This is a combination of a Japanese botanical gin, traditional wine, orange juice, and grenadine. Another fantastic cocktail we recommend is the CHEEKY MONKEY which is mixed with Yuzo liqueur, sour mix, cane syrup, and brandy. Both of these drinks are top-notch and guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.

Cheeky monkey cocktail at Tenkaichi sushi and noodle bar in Cardiff

Premium cocktails:

These are created as the specialty of our Tenkaichi Cocktail Menu. Japanese Gin and Tonic is created from unique Japanese botanicals like Sakura Flower, Yuzu Peel, Sparkling tonic water and many other ingredients. TOKIO SLINGSHOT is Japanese botanical gin mixed with tonic water, cherry liquor, sour mix, Benedictine, Angostura bitters and cherry liquor. Similarly, the Japanese Slipper is mixed with pure Japanese vodka, Japanese melon liqueur, and other sour mixes. All of these taste incredible.

Other Drinks:

Other than the Tenkaichi Cocktail Menu we also have beers wines, liqueurs, and Sakes that all belong to the Japanese or other Far Eastern culture. Sake is a Japanese rice wine made from fermenting rice itself. For more information on different drinks than the ones described above please refer to our website. We all have all the regular drinks, juices, and water.


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