The Best Sushi in Cardiff - Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar

The Best Sushi in Cardiff - Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar

We know Sushi! That’s all we can really say as Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar is a place where Sushi is known and is adored by our current customers. Sushi is an ancient dish and is solely associated with Japanese Culture & Cuisine. Barring aside its tremendous health benefits, sushi has been able to captivate a wide range of audiences. This includes adults, teenagers and even children. Today we’ll be exploring how Sushi is traditionally prepared and how Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle bar adds value to this amazing food! We do this to bring the best sushi in Cardiff!

Finding the best Sushi in Cardiff is easy with Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar Cardiff


Traditional way of Preparing Sushi:

There is a lot of debate on how sushi should be prepared but traditionally sushi has always been made a little differently from what we see today. In Japan or Asia we see that sushi is still made in a traditional flair. The major differences include the fact that in Japan the roll is served with seaweed which is wrapped around the rice. In contrast, West has adopted a different approach where the rice is basically put around the noru or seaweed wrapped around the fish. The seasoning also varies a bit as sushi made traditionally had minimal flavoring and flaky taste. The following are some of the highlighted steps of preparing sushi:


  • Seaweed which is thick is spread out on a sheet
  • Now, rice that is already prepared for sushi is used to cover the seaweed. One thing is important that a rice is not crushed.
  • Traditionally, salmon has been frequently used in the preparation of sushi.
  • Small pieces of salmon are cut and are placed in the centre of a prepared seaweed with rice
  • One then places the seaweed on a bamboo matt which gives it grip that is needed to firmly roll it
  • Once the seaweed has been rolled, all you need to do is to cut it into pieces


This is the traditional way of making a sushi that is still prevalent in Japan and is loved by the purists. However, Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle bar takes the entire process of making the best sushi in Cardiff  one step ahead of the traditional way. We love to bring in a little value addition in our dishes. Which is the very reason why Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle bar is a favorite among the locals! We use the basic traditional method of preparing sushi and just a little touch of British! Japanese cuisine when combined with a British touch results in something that cannot be described. With a serene environment and a friendly staff, you will fall in love with sushi the easiest way possible!

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