Tenkaichi, Proud fans of the Cardiff Devils


How much of the Cardiff Devils do you know?

When you think of the local ice hockey, you think of the Cardiff Devils. This hockey team plays during the British Elite’s Ice Hockey League. And at the moment, the group plays outside the Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff Bay.

The Welsh ice hockey team was founded in 1986 at the summer of that year about the time that Sports Nationwide just built National Ice Rink in Wales in the heart of Cardiff. The formation was come by after the 25-year-old Canadian John Lawless was saddled with the responsibility of starting a new team after he had served as a trainee assistant manager.

The Cardiff Devils in the 1980's

Shortly after their formation, the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey ended up becoming the leading force towards the end of the 1980s and then in the early 1990s in the hockey sport. So far, the team is a proud winner of 7 league titles since their formation.

Narrowing down their achievements into the recent times, it was recorded that in their matches against Belfast Giants on 12th and 13th March of 2016 when the Cardiff Devils was opening the Ice Arena Wales, the Cardiff Devils won the two games that which was a double home header fixture with 5-2 and 4-3(OT) respectively.

More so, the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey won the 2016/17 season of the on 12 March 2017 when they played a 6-2 win game in an away match against their Sheffield Steelers counterpart. Then in the 2017/18 season, the team went on to win the Elite Ice Hockey League, Aladdin Cups as well as the Ernhardt Champions.

Because of their track record, and as always known with Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar, we cannot but support excellence. We are constantly identifying with and supporting winners. This is why through our support of the Cardiff Devils, for every hockey fan like Mr Tenkaichi who comes in to our restaurant wearing an Ice Hockey shirt, we are giving out 10% off their total bill.

Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar in Cardiff proudly supporting the Cardiff Devils

This is a step we are taking as our way of celebrating the Cardiff Devils for the upcoming season due to start this September 2018. With our positive mentality, we are sure of the emergence of the wining team, the Cardiff Devils, performing at their best yet again.

So, if you are looking for places to eat in Cardiff or celebrate, why not get involved and celebrate at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar Cardiff, Get Directions HERE! Let’s celebrate the winning team just as you are a winner. Grab your10% discount you get when you dine with us wearing an ice hockey jersey.

Our family friendly environment is such that will meet your taste and personality. The scenery is beautiful and easily related to a Japanese theme just as you would see in a Japanese movie or those who have not been to Japan.

We are set in the heart of Cardiff and open Mondays all through Sundays. While from Mondays through Thursdays we open between 12-14:30 and 17:30-23:00, on Fridays and Saturdays, we open from 12 to 23:00 and from 12 to 21:30 on Sundays, to give you the best.


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