Make your own Bento Box- Fun Fun Fun!

Make your own Bento Box- Fun Fun Fun!

In the zeitgeist of Japanese culture, making a Bento Box (whether you are making for a family member or for yourself) is a tradition. These are small self-made (Usually! But can also be bought) boxes that store food and lunch for the designated user. So, in other words, it can also be called Japanese culture based lunch box. 

You are probably wondering why would someone make it themselves. Well for Japanese local, it is a form of expression to their loved ones and create a fun time. Also, for individuals who are into making bento boxes, do this as work of art. And henceforth, making food for bento box suddenly turns a cook into an artist, while the creator is having fun. As in the end, we have to cook and organise the food in such a way it has to look good in the bento box and suddenly it all becomes fun. Otherwise, the food will look stale compared to the effort put in the bento box

Fun making Bento Box


Things you should know:

The material it is made of:

These are the pieces that will be the skeleton of your bento box. They should be of the material that is going to build its whole body on. This can be plastic, wooden, enamel, stainless steel or even aluminum. There will be benefits and disadvantage for every material and will also depend on the preference of your own taste. 

The size: 


The size should be dependent on the food intake you would want to have. This essentially means that the size should be the size of your own diet. If you want around 1000 calories, then the calories should be of 1000m/l.

How to make it perfectly:

One way to make a nice bento is to essentially accessorise it. Add things like Chopsticks, spoons (based on the size of the box), and especially picks to keep the food together. Food cups and food dividers can also be a good cause for making an impressive bento. Food cups essentially hold the food in place and the dividers are used to separate the different classes of food. All of these accessories are practical and fun to add your bento and is also dependent on your own preference. 

Balance and Aesthetic is the name of the game, well at least in the game of bento. The balance here is being addressed in the context of nutrition and therefore the food in your bento should be a balanced diet. There should be vegetables, fruit and the main course of the diet you have created and they should also be evenly separated. Aesthetic is another part of the equation that will make your bento look good. Dividing isn't there just for classifying the food according to its classes but also to beautify. So accessories can also be practical and can also beautify the whole of the bento box. Food should be placed on its designated position according to the class of the food itself. For example, a chicken piece will go in the protein space of the bento box. 

Keeping these things in mind can make your bento box look very good. 

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