Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea has been closely related with Japanese culture for such a long time that today it is often referred to as “Japanese tea.” Tea is made from the tea plant or cha, an evergreen tree Camelia Sinensis. What gives Green tea its specific qualities is that it is immediately heat-treated after being picked and not fermented like other types of tea, which helps to maintain its purity.

Japanese Green Tea Traditions

For Japanese people, green tea is the drink of choice in the morning. They also drink it as a refreshing beverage throughout the day or serve it to guests in a show of hospitality.

In many restaurants in Japan, green tea is provided free of charge as soon as diners are seated, and refills are given as often as the customer wants. As a result, Green tea has become an essential part of any Japanese meal.

What’s more, green tea has become a trustworthy, therapeutic part of life in Japan and a key ingredient in the healthy lifestyles and long life of Japanese people.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

The main reason Japanese people love green tea are its health benefits. It contains five times as much Vitamin C as a lemon and is believed to boost the blood vessels and circulatory system to stave off germs, particularly colds.

Green Tea also contains catechin, a powerful antioxidant, that keeps cells from aging and helps to prevent high blood pressure and diabetes. It is also rich in flavonoids, as well as the polyphenol EGCG, other epicatechins, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen properties.

In fact, green tea is highly valued by Japanese people for its curative properties as well as for the sheer pleasure of drinking it.

Some of the popular Japanese green teas include Bancha, Sencha, Kukicha, Matcha (ground into a fine powder), Gyukuro, Genmaicha, Shincha, Kabusecha …  to name but a few

Green Tea at Tenkaichi

 Here at Tenkaichi, we believe that being able to exceed our customer’s expectations is the key to our success. Our number one priority is delivering the most authentic Japanese food in Cardiff, so that our clients have a real Japanese experience.  

Our menu offers a wide variety of delicious options and will be prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients at all times, including Konacha, Green Tea which is sorted from high grade tea leaves and is an intense green colour, ideal for cleansing the palette after your meal.

 If you haven’t visited us yet, this is the perfect opportunity for you to gather some friends, plan a family reunion or a date with your significant other, and have a great time with us at our Japanese Restaurant.  You don’t have to book, just pop into Tenkaichi at 236 City Road, Cardiff.

Green Tea

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