Time to Treat Mum

Mothers keep us in their bodies for around 9 months, then they go through a laborious process of giving birth to us. Afterward, they even raise us. And the least they deserve from us is that they should get a special treat on Mother’s Day, which comes on the 31st of March. 

One thing you can do is that you can treat your mum to a fancy restaurant especially if your mum is wanting a change of scenery. After all, she is your mum, she will be absolutely light up with excitement at the thought of her son or daughter taking her out on mother day’s.

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world but if you live in Cardiff or nearby then why not come to us for Mothers Day in Cardiff at Tenkaichi. Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar is an exquisite restaurant with a great ambiance, which specializes in Japanese Cuisine. In the next section, we’ll discuss why Tenkaichi will be able to make your Mothers Day in Cardiff really special and very much memorable for your Mum. 

Mother’s Day at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar:

If you are looking for something a bit fancy for Mothers Day in Cardiff, then fancy we are. The setting at our place is calming and soothing, which create an ambiance of relaxation for the guest. Our staff are more than efficient because they come from a great hospitality background. To sit in such a soothing and hospitable environment your mother may want to give you blessing right on the spot at your table.


Most of the time our restaurant is jam-packed with diners especially at the time of festivals or important days of the calendar. So Mothers Day in Cardiff would be no exception, so, therefore, it would be a good idea to get in touch with us at Tenkaichi before seats on Mother’s Day are already taken. It would be a good idea not to disappoint your mother on Mother’s Day no less. You can give us a call or reserve a table through the reservation form in the reservation tab of our website. Fill it in carefully and send it to us right on the spot. 

You can also message us on Facebook at:
or Call us on 029 2048 1888

The Menu:

We specialize in Sushi and Noodles as the name of the restaurant suggests but this does not mean these are the only food we have. To cater to every need of your mum, we will provide exceptional in great taste and huge variety. Our sushi can be served in 3 ways: “In thin rolls”, “In wraps” and “With neta mashed together”. If your mother is vegetarian, the vegan menu is going to cater to her vegan needs. Different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also available for every thirst need of your mother. We really are hoping to see you and your mother on Mothers Day in Cardiff at our place.

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