Valentines Day – Fall in love with Japanese food

Fall in love with Japanese food this Valentines

When someone says Japanese food, the hallmark and poster boy for the Japanese food, Sushi comes to the mind. This is because Sushi is a popular food all around the world, and it even has permeated the space of the western world with utter ease since its creation. 

Valentines on the other hand, stems from the Gregorian Calendar of the western culture and is at least as popular as the Sushi if not more. On the 14th February each year, love birds come together to celebrate their love and have special nights from walks in the park to a romantic meal in Cardiff.

Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar at Cardiff invites you to mashup these two cultures to sandwich you and your significant other for a date night like no other.

How is Sushi is made:

There are three kinds of sushi made by Tenkaichi and they are called Hosomaki, Maki, and Nigiri:

The name in Japanese literally translates to “thin rolls”. The outer part of this type of sushi roll is covered in sushi rice or nori. These are created with only one filling, and this is because of their size. Hosomaki purists would also want to consider the maki of their own choice for different pure flavours. Hosomaki is usually served in 8 piece servings unless the orderers otherwise said so. Why not try this food this Valentines.

Maki Sushi’s name comes directly from the term, “make”. This term literally translates to “to wrap or to roll”. Nori, which is a popular form of seaweed can also be used a wrapper with this one. This is usually done through the help of bamboo mat also known as makisu. This one is usually made with two to three or more fillings that are essentially decided based on their tastes and colors. This one is also usually served in served pieces but can be more if the orderer wants more. Why not try this food this Valentines.

This one’s name means to squeeze or to grab in Japanese. This term essentially refers to movement a chef makes to cook this type of food. In this movement the Neta and vinegared Sushi Rice (called Shari) together. The Neta on the top of Sushi Rice can be vegetables, meats, and fish. The fish is the most widely used and consumed neto at the top of the rice. This could be great a choice for food this Valentines.

Celebrating Valentines with us:

Apart from all the basic valentine’s activities, there are also going to be other features that will make your date at our place memorable. Special preference will be given to the couple who will be coming in and reserving a seat for Valentine’s day at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar Cardiff.

Valentines day at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar Cardiff

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