Half Term Culture Trip

Half Term Culture Trip

Half term is coming up and children as always are ready to dive back on to the precious electronics. Now, these electronics are not good for health and so on. So instead of dwelling on the problems that can stem from these electronics, we’ll provide a better and more healthy alternative that can be initiated during this incoming half term. 

How about making this incoming half term fun whilst throwing in some education at the same time. Now, this sounds like an idea. You are probably scrambling around on Google to search “Where to eat half term”, but before you do it first, just read on. This is because we have the ideal answer…

And, the answer is Tenkaichi Sushi And Noodle Bar. Our restaurant specialises in Japanese Cuisine and is basically a big block of Japanese Culture on City Road in Cardiff. Not be pretentious, but our place can be a good stand-in for introducing the Japanese Culture to the young folks. They can do this through many playful activities and also will be able to during their meals. Perhaps this sorts out the question “Where to eat half term”. 

So, how is it going to be educational and fun at the same time?

Easy! We combine both of these things together to form one amazing experience. Before or maybe even after (if asked about it) food comes, each diner who is occupying a seat will be given a colour-me placemat. The mats have many designs associated with Japanese Cultures. This sparks children minds and can only lead  questions being asked about the things in it from the parents. This way they will be having fun whilst getting education about Japanese Culture and may even educate the parents themselves. Perhaps this will be enough to answer your question of “Where to eat half term” and also help with learning during half term. 

Another way we believe we can become an education tool for children will be learning to eat food with chopsticks. Eating with chopsticks is a hallmark of Japanese culture and is a known phenomena all around the world. This practice is done around the world, even by individuals who are not from Japan. Learning this skill at an early age, children will have a skill, which will act as a nice introduction to the culture. And do not worry, All of our chopsticks are essentially childproof. Perhaps this may end the question and find the solution to Where to eat this half term

Some words about Tenkaichi:

As you already know the restaurant is Japanese, the decor is also going to be Japanese inspired and therefore minimalistic. The decor may also provide additional information related to the Japanese culture to children visiting the restaurant during their half term. We hope you do not have to search “Where to eat half term” anymore.

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