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Originally, sushi was fermented fish with rice, preserved in salt and a staple dish in Japan for thousands of years.  The word “sushi” actually means “it’s sour” reflecting back to its origins of being preserved in salt. In the Western world, we have assumed that sushi means raw fish, but in fact it is rice, topped with vinegar and then other ingredients are added.  Sashimi for example, which is slices of raw fish, is not a sushi dish as it is not served with rice. Today sushi has become a type of fast food, very popular across the world and probably the most well-known Japanese dish.

Sushi in Japan

Japanese sushi
Sushi in Japan is very simple and usually only contains one type of fish or one type of vegetable. In Japan, they don’t have the kinds of rolls that are popular at American sushi establishments. When using condiments, the Japanese keep it simple. For example, they don’t’ mix wasabi in the soy sauce.  If they want more wasabi, they simply dab a bit on the sushi.  They also don’t put sauces on their sushi; to experience sushi as a purist, your aim should be to taste the fresh ocean flavour of the fish, not drown it with soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, or other sauces. Each sushi piece is supposed to be bite-size, but if the piece of sushi is too big, it’s fine to take two bites.

Popular Types of Sushi

Other types of sushi

The above sushi types are generally found in most countries.  However there are some delicious sushi dishes that you probably will only be able to enjoy in Japan.  These include:

Sushi at Tenkaichi

Customers at Tenkaichi love our selection of traditional Japanese Nigiri sushi dishes as they can try single dishes as a starter or side dish or have a complete sushi meal with our chef’s mixed nigiri sushi dish. 

To see our full sushi range, click here or call us today to make a reservation on the number below:

Japanese sushi

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