Gain Muscle and lose weight with Sushi

Gain Muscle and lose weight with Sushi

It is 80 percent food and 20 percent training that keeps our body in shape. If you do not believe us, just ask any bodybuilder who is using a clean diet and is at your gym. Many fitness freaks will say that a clean bulk up or weight-loss technique should consist of foods like broccoli and boiled chicken etc. 

They will probably say that delicacies shall be avoided at all times except on a cheat day. Fortunately, there are delicacies that are essentially healthy food and are good for gaining muscle and losing weight. Unfortunately, many gym-goers will be under the false assumption that Sushi (a delicacy) is bad for gaining muscle and weightlifting. They cannot be more wrong about how easy it is to lose weight with Sushi and it shall be elaborated in the following sections below.  

How is Sushi healthy food?

This should be hardwired into your mind that not all delicacies are junk food and high on sugar. Sushi is one of the foods that can be considered a delicacy and also be a great source of healthy nutrients. And, this is for a reason. 

Sushi is a great source of protein

Sushi is rich in protein, which is essentially the nutrient that is used by our bodies to repairs the muscles after weightlifting. Aside from this, you can lose weight with Sushi, the rich source of protein in it will keep you feeling full for longer periods of time, essentially stopping you from overeating. The protein in it is essentially also low fat. 

Another fact pertaining to how to lose weight with Sushi is that Sushi has high quality and healthy carbohydrates. The quality carbs in it come from the rice part of the Sushi itself. The rice in it is very sticky white rice of basmati origin, are very much fast acting in the digestive system of this body. This makes it highly capable of flowing through your digestive tract very easily. 

Real World Application:

While the sushi is consumed all over the world, nowadays it is pretty popular with Rugby Players. It is especially popular when keeping a strict diet such as through Wales efforts in the 6 Nations Tournament. Many of the players will tell you they chose Sushi as part of their diet because it is quick and easy to make and help lose weight with Sushi. Leinster and Ireland rugby star Dave Kearney has been known to regularly have a takeout of Sushi to maintain shape and form.

Tenkaichi’s Sushi:

Whether a takeout or dine-in, you will be thoroughly satisfied at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar in Cardiff when it comes to Sushi. Just like most of the sushi recipes our’s are also very healthy with having an abundance of rich protein and healthy carbohydrates. It is essentially very easy to lose weight with Sushi from Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar. As we specialise in Sushi, there are three different versions of Sushi available at our place. We are looking forward to meeting you. PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST

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