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Sashimi is the most succulent fine clices of fresh raw fish or seafood served with shredded white radish and fiery wasabi
52 Mixed Sashimi
53 Salmon Sashimi
54 Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
55 Tuna Sashimi
56 Tako(Octopus)Sashimi
57 Hokigai(surf clam)Sashimi
58 Ika(squid)Sashimi
59 Seafood Salad
Mixed seafood and green sald with thousand island sauce
60 Sashimi Salad
Salmon, tuna, crabstick and surf clam with a mix green salad in a soya sauce dressing
61 Chicken Salad
Shredded chicken fillet and green salad with soya sauce dressing
62 Green Salad(V)
Mixed green vegetables with thousand island sauce